Featured Products Catalogs
These catalogs do not include nearly all of our products.
But the 554 pages include a cross section of several categories of products that offer the broadest selection of options: Metal Finishes, LED colors, Wattage, Primary power options and Dimming & Control Options.
Most of the Luminaries in these catalogs are also available in custom colors if the quantities are large enough.
If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you need help in selecting the best product for your application, we are happy to assist you with this process.


This catalog consists of

  • Recessed LED Down lights,

  • Recessed LED Spotlights

  • Recessed Gimbal LED Spotlights 

  • Track Mountedd Spot Lights

  • Surface Mounted Down Lights

  • LED Panel Lights

  • LED Troffer Lights

  • LED Bulkhead Lightig

  • LED LInear Lights

  • LED Batten Lights

  • LED Flood Lights

  • LED HighBay Lights

  • LED Canopy Lights

Download the CIP Exterior LED PRO Catalog in 8 sections below:

This catalog Consists of:

  • LED Street Lights

  • LED Post Top Area Lights

  • LED Urban and Park Luminaire

  • LED Canopy Lights

  • LED Tunnel Lights

  • LED High Bay Lights  

  • LED Flood Lights

  • LED Projectors

  • LED Tree Ring Lights

  • LED Bulkhead lights

  • LED Surface Mount Down Lights

  • LED Surface Mount Wall Lights

  • LED Window Lights

  • LED Sting PUK Lights

  • LED Step Lights

  • LED Bollards

  • LED Garden Lights

  • LED Matching Wall Lights

  • LED Linear Lights

  • LED Wall Wash Lights

  • LED In-Ground Lights

  • LED Recessed In-Ground Lights

  • LED Underwater Lights

  • LED Pool Lights

  • LED Fountain Lights


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