LED Agricultureal Grow Lights

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CIP Lighting Grow Light department not only provides great products, we also supply the perfect light mixture schemes. Our factory Agriculture Engineers can assist you with the perfect lumen output for your particular application. 

Sunshine is the essential element for horticulture production and a key factory for plant research.. As one of the leading LED grow light manufacturers, CIP Lighting can create unique and advanced LED grow lights for your particular production requirements. Contact your CIP Lighting customer representative today. 

Floriculture Series

  • For Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers.

  • Performs extremely well in cloning,

       the vegetative and flowering cycle

  • Replaces 1000w HID lamp.

  • High-quality Osram SMD 3030 led chips.

  • Use for all stages of plant growth.

  • Full-spectrum 380-780nm.

  • Advanced LED Drivers for Higher Performance.

  • Eliminates A/C in most grow spaces due to very low heat outpu.

  • Without Fan, the use-life is longer.

  • Environmentally friendly (No Mercury).

  • Five-foot Power Cord in 110v US with 220v and International Plugs Available.

  • Maximum 120° adjustable for each bar.

Herbal Planting Series

Vegetable Planting Series

Plant Factory Series


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