Multi-Color LED ribbon/tape lights      7.2 to 38.4 watts/meter

  • CIP MULTI -COLOR Series is based on the STANDARD series but uses more powerful LED SMD chips. These top ranking imported 5060 SMD LEDs not only provide brilliant brightness but also fabulous multicolor changing. Red, green and blue 3 primary color contain in one 5060 LED chip allow numerous combinations in order to emit hundreds of different colors.

    CIP MULTI-COLOR series is available in single color and multi-color. All colors can work with our remote controller to achieve more effects. We recently developed one new type of Multi-color flexible ribbon - Artificial Intelligent RGB chasing ribbon. With our pre-programmed remote controller;
    you will be able to reach almost every color mode. Widely used in night clubs, party rooms, shopping centers, theaters etc.

    Each Ribbon LED strips comes equipped with an adhesive backing or mounting clip and can be fixed.    2 YEAR WARRANTY

Controllers: ​


For the RGB & RGBA ribbon light: 


LT-800 (DMX Controller) + LT-854-5A (DMX-PWM Decoder) 


For the 9.6w RGB with Artificial Intelligent Chase: 

LT-800 (DMX Controller) + LT-1809 (dmx-spi decoder)